Handmade Porcelain urn with 22ct gold trim

This beautiful small urn was thrown on the potter’s wheel.

It is made from beautiful very white porcelain. It is mainly unglazed, with just the stars and the lid being glazed in a clear glaze. On top of this clear glaze I have put a gold lustre. This is 22ct gold that comes in a liquid form so it can be painted on in any pattern.

It does prefer to be on a smooth glossy finish, so I use the transparent glaze underneath it. The matt white and the shiney gold go together perfectly.

This can also be used as a funeral urn. This makes a beautiful cremation urn if you have lost a baby.

The lid sits on a wide lip so it can be sealed with glue or wax if desired. It hold 18 fluid ounces or 32 cubic inches, which will hold a cremated body that weighed up to 32lbs.