Handmade high gloss porcelain pot, vase, in blues and greys

Fine art pot. This was handthrown in porcelain, then layered with high fire glazes. Because of the layering this vase is impossible to reproduce identically.

It is very hard to get a good photograph of it, because it is so reflective and glossy. The finish is uniform across the pot, but the high level of reflection make it look as if it has black lines in it. These are the lines from the gaps in the wood it is standing on, and the convex nature of the pot has curved the reflective lines. The glaze is the same all round. The other things you can see in the refection is the window on the right, the round reflector on the left, and me in the middle. I have tried to give enough picture to get the general effect. It is a very beautiful piece that would adorn anywhere.