Large Sea Wave Bowl

The bowl is just a beautiful object of display. I made it by first throwing an ordinary bowl on the wheel. When is had dried a little I carved the wave shape into the rim. This is a delicate business. IF the clay is too wet it will flop, but if it is too dry it will crack. If I broke any of the wave forms at this stage the whole bowl would be ruined.

It was then left to dry completely and sent for its first firing.

When it came out of the firing it was time to apply the glaze. The outside was easy – a glossy black, so that when you look at if from the side the dark shape of the wavelet is easily visible against the lighter greens and blues of the inside. The inside was much harder to do. I used a series of brush on glazes that are designed to be used together. I wanted to achieve the colours of the sea, and to manage this I used 9 layers of glaze, each one applied with a brush. It was a long and laborious process, but in the end, was completely worth it.

It is 24cm (9.25″) diameter and about 12cm (4.25″) tall