30 metallic handmade fish wall decor

Koi carp are very important all over the middle east with some places considering them sacred. They are certainly thought to bring good luck and wealth into a home, and so many people have representations of them. This is my offering in that style. The fish have a wonderful sense of movement, so it is almost like having a living presence.

This listing is for 30 mixed colour porcelain fish. Each fish is about 6 inches long, and each one is individually formed by hand. Quite a lot of them carry my palm print on their backs where I hold them to hollow them out.

They are attached to the wall by very strong sticky tape which allows you to position them any which way. In the picture I have put them round a bathroom mirror (not included in the listing), in another they are all nose in to each other.

If you would prefer not to use the tape I use blue tack or wall putty to fix them to my walls. This makes them easier to move around, and so far has not given me any problems.

They are happy in any room of the house including the kitchen or bathroom as they are totally waterproof. Cleaning should be done with a soft damp cloth. The gilded ones can be scratched so extra care should be taken with them

This picture is a mixture of glazed, unglazed, black, white and gold, and with and without fins. The prices for each fish vary according to the cost of materials and amount of work. If you have any strong feelings about particular colours or styles please contact me and I will adjust it accordingly. Because I may be making to order there is a potential waiting period of 3 weeks.